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VA: Lemons to Lemonade



"I started my business after several tragic events took place in my life.

First, there was the death of my mother. Approximately two years later, my grandfather, with whom I was very close, passed away. But the catalyst and ultimate motivation was when I lost my job. I went into a bad depression that caused me to stress, which in turn caused terrible acne and breakouts. I tried product after product, and nothing worked.

My frustration was at an all-time high and I started googling different herbs and essential oils to assist with clearing my skin. My skin had gotten just that bad, and I was all out of options. While googling the essential oils, I began to read articles and watch videos about the soap-making industry, and I became very intrigued. I would stay up super late when my daughter went to sleep and watch videos; That’s when I knew that I wanted in on the business.

I slowly started to purchase piece by piece with the unemployment funds that I was receiving and started making my own bars and clearing my skin. Once I saw the positive effects these soaps were having on my skin, I felt that it was my duty to share this with others. My best seller and most effective for cleansing and clearing the skin is my Patchouli Glow Bar. However, the Golden Lather Cleanser, which is the liquid version of the Patchouli Bar, is even more effective.

I truly turned my lemons into lemonade once I started my business. When I’m making bars and products, I’m in my happy place. It brings me great joy when I receive positive feedback on my bars because clear skin is a confidence booster (especially when you have tried products that haven’t worked in the past). My business is continuing to grow at a steady pace and will soon be one of the top selling Handmade Soap Businesses in the State of Florida, and eventually the world."

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