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Trunk Series bring Melanin, 90's R&B Fashion Philosophy to the festival



Check out what Nicole Williams + Ekundayo Akinloye , Owners/Founders of Trunk Series, had to say about their business and the festival!

We're so excited to see everyone!

What inspired you to start Trunk Series?

We initially started Trunk Series as a womenswear brand. With Nicole’s retail fashion background as a buyer/planner, stylist, personal shopper, designer, etc. and Dayo’s love for womenswear, and individual, unique style, it was a natural fit and something we’ve long aspired to do. However, given all the noise that was going on in the world at the time and our desire to make an impact, we decided to pause, go back to the drawing board, and shift gears to really think about what we wanted our imprint to be - to control our own narrative. This birthed the latest and most successful iteration of our line of graphic tees. This was an authentic transition for us to pour into our brand who we are collectively and as individuals. We wanted a brand that could positively impact people. We’re proud of what we’ve created thus far and where we’re headed.

If you could only feature one item, service in your business - what would it be and why?

That’s a tough question to answer because we obviously love all of our tees, but if we could only feature one, it would be the Melanin t-shirt! It speaks directly to our core supporters – and as women of color, it reflects who we are too. The reaction we receive from this design is amazing – it’s no surprise that it’s a best seller.

What's unique about your brand?

Our brand is unique because we’re speaking directly to those who are committed to growth, those who want to express their consciousness, and those who want to have fun doing it! Our brand is about expressing who you are, who you want to be, and where you are going, Doing it all through fashion and personal style.

How can people find you on social media?

People can find us on social media via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all under the @trunkseries handle. We love engaging and interacting with people – especially when we’re tagged by supporters rocking our tees! Say hi!

What gems would you pass on to other people looking to get into the business?

We’d tell all aspiring entrepreneurs to not get into a business just to say you’ve done so. You should pursue something you’re passionate about so then it won’t feel like work. It takes a lot of hustle, grind, and sleep-deprived nights to get a business off the ground. The passion is what you’ll need to help push you through with the vigor and tenacity needed to succeed. Also, try not to be too overprotective over your ideas by holding them so closely that you prevent yourself from pursuing whatever it is you want to accomplish. Find your niche, do your research (lots of it), be resourceful, and press forward with your ideas. Remember a small step is in fact a step! Also, staying organized throughout the process will take you far! It doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges, but when you do there’s slightly less stress because you know where to find things quickly - which allows you to react to opportunities or challenges quicker.

What can people expect at the Uptown Avenue 7 arts festival from your team (get folks excited about coming to see you at the fest)?

People can expect to see a lot of variety offered at the Uptown Avenue 7 arts festival! We have so many styles for people to choose from that we’re sure everyone will walk away feeling the t-shirt they chose is a reflection of them.

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