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3rd Annual Arts & Culture Festival Food Truck Vendor, Root 'n Seeds Cantina, Chef Fernando Gomez talks about how he created his infamous Black Burger below. Don't get to hungry!

How did the black burger come about?

The black burger was created after a big struggle lol. I moved from NY to Miami 2018 and decided to start my own business. I had experience doing vegan so lots of people put it in my heart to start a full vegan truck, which didn’t go to well. The food was great, but the vegan population in Miami is not as big as NY or other states, which resulted in me losing money. This challenge helped me make the decision to add a twist to the food truck, to have both vegan and non-vegan gourmet Mediterranean/Spanish tapas and the black burger was one of them! I began my culinary journey as a baker at age 14, which helped with my bread experiment to add squid ink. Squid ink gives the bread the natural black color and I use a 90/10 halal beef which is a better meat. I also use caramelized onions with maple syrup and a truffle chimichurri aioli (chimichurri is a popular condiment for bbq meats in Uruguay and Argentina.)

There you have it folks! This is how you get the infamous Black Burger by Root 'n Seeds Cantina! We know you want to give this delicious looking burger a try, so join us on Nov. 9th, 2019 from 11 AM - 7 PM at the 3rd Annual Uptown Avenue 7 Arts & Culture Festival.

Festival goers can experience a variety of food and beverage vendors and shop til you drop in Uptown's Vendor Village with 23 cultural vendors.

RSVP is FREE, just click here.

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