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Start Your Day At the Intersection of Culture and Commerce

As an entrepreneur I understand the importance of starting your day with inspiration, motivation and money in the bank! The NW 7th Avenue CRA and Commissioner Jean Monestime also understands the needs of small businesses and their plans for redevelopment are a clear reflection of this.

Coffee on Seventh | Tuesday, September 17th | 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

@Seltzer Mayberg Law Office

If your business is located in the NW 7th Avenue corridor, or you're thinking about moving to the corridor, you'll want to join the UA7 team for complimentary coffee, breakfast bites and networking at Seltzer Mayberg Law Firm from 7:30 am to 9am on Tuesday, September 17th.

Uptown Avenue 7 is committed to making NW 7th avenue the premier location to work, shop and play. Part of their commitment includes a grant for new and existing businesses up to $50k. Entrepreneurs and business owners need all the opportunity and access to cash flow we can get, which is why I've been sharing Uptown Avenue 7's grant details all summer.

NW 7th Ave is a critical linchpin in Miami’s economic development.

What you probably didn't know is that...

NW 7th Ave is a critical linchpin in Miami’s economic development… over 558,000 vehicles travel the Uptown Ave 7 corridor everyday, making Uptown Ave 7 one of one of the Region’s premier locations for business development, growth and innovation.

The Mission of the Uptown Avenue 7 CRA is to:

  • Reposition Northwest 7th Avenue as a major regional employment center.

  • Support the growth and expansion of existing businesses in the CRA.Support development of new business in the CRA.

  • Provide training and increased employment opportunities for residents of northwest Miami-Dade.

  • Redevelop the 7th Avenue corridor, supporting a mix of business, residential and commercial opportunities within the CRA.

To RSVP for this and other arts and culture events happening in the corridor this fall, click here.

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