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Culture Crawl With Us

Uptown Avenue 7, the premier location to work, shop, play... and CULTURE CRAWL?

Yes! You can also count on Uptown Avenue 7 to take you on an arts and culture journey in our Fall pop-up series, as we explore businesses in the corridor.

What is a culture crawl?

Food, silent romantic movies, LIVE art & entertainment.

A culture crawl is like a mini-festival. It's a preview of all the fun and excitement you can expect at our fall festival in November. We'll have food, art, poetry, LIVE entertainment, a silent movie and more.

Culture Crawl with someone special.

If you just met that someone special, our Culture Crawl is the perfect place to meet up with your date to enjoy dinner on a picnic blanket, B.Y.O.B and get to know each other. We're making it easy for you to do something romantic, because the business we're showcasing is none other than Dolly's Florist.

Flowers aren't just for women!

Dolly's Florist is a brightly colored delightful florist shop located on the north end of NW 7th Avenue. We're transofrming the parking lot into arts and culture heaven on 7th! Instead of bringing your date something typical like roses, check out Dolly's custom arrangements, he or she will appreciate it. (Flowers aren't just for women!)

Moms and dads with children, you can still have a romantic evening under the stars with us, because we've got the kids covered. We'll have face painting and balloons, along with arts and culture activities the kids can enjoy. We'll help you kick off the night, so the kids are tired enough to hit the sack as soon as you get home!

Singles, groups of friends, couples and families...we can't wait to Culture Crawl on Seventh Avenue with you!

Culture Crawl on Seventh Avenue

Wednesday, October 9th

5:30 - 8:30 PM

Dolly's Florist

14700 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL 33168

RSVP here.

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