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Be sure to catch some of your favorite vendors showcasing there goods and services in the CRA Lounge area during the Uptown Avenue 7 Arts & Culture Festival!

They may have some FREE goodies for you!

I hear that business showcasing in 10 minutes may be challenging.

So I found these 3 great tips to help you create something memorable! 



It is certainly very tempting and easier to whip up a pretty Powerpoint deck telling your audience all your services.

But if you could, show it to them.

If you have a physical product, demonstrate how it works. If you have ‘live’ testimonies of your services, present them. Even better, if the audience can experience the value that you offer, give it to them!

Remember, when the audience walks out of any presentation, they will likely forget more than half of the information you present.

But they will always remember the feeling they had when they applauded for you at the end. 


Especially if you’re working with tight time constraints, you gotta get your audience to jump into your message the very moment you start speaking.

“Setting up” your audience can come in many forms – which includes

Having samples of your product readily available before you speak. Distributing teaser collateral. (Note: Teaser, not dumping facts before you even start) Playing relevant media (audio/video) before the event starts. Decorating the presentation venue. Having the emcee introduce you in the way that achieves your outcomes. And many others. The list is non-exhaustive and is only limited by how creative you are!

You want your audience to anticipate your segment.

Remember, your presentation has to start WAY BEFORE you say your first word!


If the audience walks away with something of value to them, they are more likely to remember you.

And being remembered for the right reasons is always awesome. Right?

So, give your listeners something to take away every time you take the stage. It can come in the form of knowledge, insights or even skills that they can use in future.

You don’t have to divulge your trade secrets or pour out every single bit of your proprietary knowledge. As long as you’re able to trigger the “Ahah!” moment in your listeners, you know you’ve given them enough value. And they’d be remembering you in a long time to come.


I got all the information above from this link here. Hope this helps!

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